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Spray Tanning

Rothesay - Uptown


Since opening in 2013, Luxury Tanning, has offered the safest option in Tanning. Our passion is being able to offer the highest quality, and natural ingredients in all our products.

We enjoy customizing each spray tan to match everyone's unique, individual skin tone. This is not a "one size fit all" model. That is why we are happy to offer unlimited options!


The Rapids

 A fan favorite. Considered our famous "1 hour tan"

Shower in as little as 30 Minutes for a light, subtle glow. Or be bold, and leave longer to achieve a darker result.

(Ask your Technician for Recommendations & Shower Time)


The Classics - Regular

Our traditional spray tan.

Like most tradition spray tans, avoid showering, water, sweat, etc. for 8-12hours after application. But don't you worry, It's not like any other spray tan. We customize your tan, to ensure the best results!


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